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The community is readily provisioned with primary amenities such as perimeter fence and guarded entrance/exits. These are Ayala Land’s direct way of ensuring the safety and security of their prospective community residents. Ayala’s personal approach in displaying loyalty to their vision, in other words their own kind of branding.

Facilities and amenities that are geared more towards providing leisure perks are strategically organized around. The first one mentioned is the Patio Greens where you can take instant picnics or gather for an impromptu barbecue under the stars comfortably feasting out of your prepared refreshments over its expanse. Next is the Village Patio which is a collection of the basic community facilities much loved and coveted by many people as great spots for relaxation specifically the playground, pavilion, swimming pool and basketball court. Families can also take their casual jog, trek or even a leisurely stroll along the Creek Side Promenade. No boring days in Amaia Scapes for residents and visitors alike when they can’t find some reprieve just around the next corner.

But let’s not forget the basic amenities which no community can function without. The list includes tree-lined spine road, uninterrupted water supply and a completely full electrical and drainage/sewage systems. The drainage and sewage systems of any Ayala Land development are one of the most exceptionally planned and designed systems, the one in Amaia Scapes makes the community basically flood-free come rainy and typhoon seasons.

The electrical and water supply system of Amaia Scapes is planned carefully putting importance on the well-being of everybody who would be coming and living there in the proper placement of poles and water pipes around the community. Aesthetics was also taken with meticulous attention because haphazard stringing of powerlines on unsystematically positioned poles can look discordant from the total composition of the ambiance targeted by the development. Keeping the skyline as immaculate as the grounds balances the entire mood of the community. For the developer, preserving the cleanliness and freshness of the natural vista is an obligation.

The tree lined spine road linking the community together is another brilliant complement to the development’s design. When everybody is being warned of the dangers of prolonged exposure to sunlight, the trees lining the roads are welcome respite to the harmful rays. The leafy boughs shielding anybody who have a mind to take leisurely walks along the road will be hard to resist even on hot summer days.

The units have provisions that also takes relaxation into account; with the porches and private garden on all units, terraces/balconies on selected units and the carports that will indeed make life convenient for small young families with the occasional family visitors. Selected end units with provisions for maids’ rooms will also be good for retirees and expats who can afford these extras in their lives on their pensions. But don’t want to be encumbered by a large property that will require them more than the two maids they want to have. The units are well planned to cater to a diverse demographic, the most sensible approach to keep a community operative. The front yard and the backyard is another favorable addition to the units awarding each unit some extra room so as not to feel and look too crowded.

  • Guarded Entrance/Exits
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Patio Greens
  • Creek side Promenade
  • Village Patio
    • Basketball Court
    • Playground
    • Pavilion
    • Swimming Pool
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
  • Continuous Water Supply
  • Complete Electrical and Drainage/Sewage Facilities
  • Flood-free community
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